“This unique system combines water purification, sports, community developement and skills transfer”

Founded by Royal TenCate, Pentair, Drain Products & Saxion University, a sustainable industrial partnership from the Netherlands

Key Figures

  • Sportsfield: 40*20 m special suitable for soccer
  • Waterstorage: 64000 liter
  • Filter capacity: 17 million litres/year
  • Quality of drinking water: free of virus and bacteria with minerals
  • Jobs created by installation and maintenance: 5 / field
  • Jobs created by local production: 50 by 20 systems
  • Communitydevelopment
  • Training: installation
  • Training: maintenance

1. By the year 2050, global demand in water has increased by 55%.

2. The water crisis will be the #1 risk based on impact to society

3. 663m people lack access to safe water (9% of the population)

4. 1.8 billion people worldwide drink contaminated water

The good news is that although water is not renewable, it is reusable. Therefore, now is the time to be more creative about how we can use and protect our natural resources. The way to do that is by looking at natural ecosystems around us,
because they can teach us a lot about characteristics of resilience. Just like natural ecosystems on earth – which reuse water in many different ways – we have to develop innovative circular systems where we can catch, store and reuse water.

Water is the foundation for all aspects of human and societal progress.

We all need it to survive. Water
is needed to prepare our food, to quench our thirst, and to maintain our hygiene. It’s central to economic and social development and a requirement for healthy eco-systems. The global population and many economies are growing fast, and with that, the demand

A= Liner for making basin waterproof
B= Crate system for water storage
C= Geotextile for protection D= Shockpad
E= Artificial turf
F= Pump system
G= Ultrafiltration system

for fresh water increases. However, the amount of available freshwater is limited and is projected not
to be able to fulfill this demand. Add to this the ever more evident effects of climate change and it becomes clear that we have to think about how to better manage our water resources.

Safe water for everyone.

Playing sports provides important benefits for people all over the world, ranging from improvement in fitness and health to the development of teamspirit and feelings of accomplishment. High quality sportspitches contribute to this by providing a safe and fun playground. The GreenSource system transforms a synthetic turf sportspitch into a rainwater and borehole waterstorage, distribution and drinkingwater supplysystem.
The system allows sports facilities to reuse stored water for irrigation and maintenance, and to transform it on-site to drinking water using membrane and ultra- filtration technology. This is of particular importance in areas where water shortages prevail or only polluted water is available. GreenSource creates an all-weather sports pitch with a safe waterstorage basin, which makes clean and safe water available.